Evoltis Academy

Empower the Talent of Tomorrow

Boost Your Team's Growth.

We support companies’ strategic development through an ecosystem of customized training services provided by interdisciplinary professionals to enhance people’s talent and face current market challenges.

We drive cultural change and speed up organizational transformation.

Agile and dynamic training experiences focused on collaborative learning. 

Training led by professionals with the integral support of pedagogical tutors.

On-Demand E-learning Platform

Through a Moodle AWS platform customized for your company, we provide on-demand, open and trendy content for the development of skills , focusing on usability and the learning experience.

Upskilling & Reskilling

We build people’s skills through experiential learning, using dynamics and techniques that ensure the understanding of concepts in a practical and meaningful way to take your company to the next level.

Strategy Consulting

We co-create strategies aligned with your organization and the market, acting in areas such as business development, human resources, change management, formalization of organizational structures, and customer experience management, among others.

Transformative Knowledge for Concrete Results

Techniques and tools for a successful CX strategy management focused on your customers’ needs.

Tools to promote digital transformation in your organization and integrate new technologies.

Ideas and tools for the implementation of Agile management models that will make your organization stand out from the crowd.

Workshops for high-performance team leadership, using tools to achieve objectives and optimize results. 

Seminars to increase efficiency with agile and sustainable results over time.

Techniques for the creation of a debt prevention and recovery management model for delinquent customers.