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EVOLTIS is an ecosystem in which we offer multiple services for our users or visitors to our websites, mobile applications, official social media sites, or physical venues (“Users”). EVOLTIS and all the products and services offered are designed and developed by the company: Tecno Voz Noroeste S.A., located in Calasanz 80, Córdoba city, province of Córdoba (hereinafter, referred to as the “Company” or “EVOLTIS”) through the different business units such as Evoltis Tech Lab, Evoltis……………….

Tecno Voz Noroeste S.A. is a company whose main activity is to provide call center services and IT CONSULTING SERVICES AND COMPUTER SOFTWARE SUPPLIES.

To facilitate communication and provide faster and more efficient responses to safeguard the rights of users and consumers, the Company has unified access and contact channels with its customers. In this regard, you are informed (i) through the APP, (ii) on the Website (iii) in different social networks, and (iv) in the different customer service channels, that through a single point of access you can request information, make inquiries, claims, and complaints, and exercise all your rights concerning the products and services acquired from EVOLTIS.

Every offer for different types of services or products, plans, terms, rates, validity, etc., can be modified based on the markets or internal EVOLTIS policies.

Services, Cultural Activities, Events, and Products

The tourist services, events, insurance, commercialization of products, and activities that could be incorporated in the future, shown on this Site, are offered and provided by agencies, entertainment companies, and private insurance companies, registered in the Argentine Republic. All these services and products are subject to the terms and conditions that each user subscribes to from such agencies, entertainment companies, and insurance companies. EVOLTIS shall not be liable for independent contracting.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The design and content of this Site are duly safeguarded in accordance with the provisions of the Argentine Intellectual Property Act No. 11.723. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, forward, show, publish, edit, sell, or in any way make use of the design and content of this Site for commercial or private purposes. Trademarks, ads, trade names of the different products, advertising slogans, illustrations, designs, logos, texts, etc. that appear on this Site are the exclusive property of the Company or of third parties who have authorized their use.

Any use or commercial exploitation by any means, without the prior written consent of the Company or its legitimate owners, is strictly forbidden.The breach of this prohibition shall make the offender liable to the criminal penalties outlined in the Argentine Acts 11.723 and 22.362.All references, both to the content of this Site as well as to the restrictions, are merely illustrative but not exhaustive.

Limitation of Liability

References made on this Site to any services, products, links, hyperlinks, or any other information in which the brand name, trade name, manufacturer’s name, etc. are owned by third parties shall not constitute or imply any endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by the Company. Information not directly referred to or provided by the Company will be the responsibility of the companies that provide it or advertise it. Likewise, the Company does not assume any liability arising from any direct or indirect damages resulting from or in any way related to the access or use of this Site, including liability related to damages caused to users’ computer systems or viruses that may attack their system(s), nor does it ensure the website’s functionality.


The Company may, without prior notice or communication, modify the content and scope of these Terms and Conditions at any time deemed necessary.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

The Company may take any legal action necessary to remedy any breach of these Terms and Conditions, including restricting specific Internet users from accessing this Site.

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Users of this Site agree to submit to the laws of the Argentine Republic and to the jurisdiction of the competent Argentine courts.